Saturday, April 25, 2020

Research Paper Rubric High School English Essay

Research Paper Rubric High School English EssayWhen high school students write their research paper, they are often tempted to include only three categories of relevant data. These categories are, of course, the first two essay topics of the paper. But more often than not, students make the mistake of including three or more categories, sometimes multiple categories. The truth is that your research paper needs to cover all five of the information categories needed to make a good academic paper.Of course, students are usually happy to use just one data type in their research paper, such as the demographic data to show who they are and where they are from. But that data is often not the best that you can use to add points to your final score.It is important to know what all the data you can add to your research paper can do to improve your grade, but you should also make sure that you do not include the kinds of data that your paper is not intended to be used for. Many high school stud ents make the mistake of including all types of data in their research paper, often including social data that are inappropriate for the project at hand.The first step in developing a well-balanced research paper is to limit the amount of social information that you include in your research paper. While you may find that the three social categories of race, class, and culture make sense to include in your research paper, they can sometimes be redundant and include enough data to harm your overall grade.Next, you should choose one data category that will serve as your research paper's main data and explore that category thoroughly. This should be a project topic that has been proposed by a professor at the high school. Make sure that the project topic is important and well-supported by all four research categories.You can use the first of the four categories, race, to develop your research paper's main social topic. This includes things like using census data to show where students a re from and what their parents' educational backgrounds are. But you should keep in mind that race is not the only social category to use in your research paper.The other four categories in your high school English essay include class, income, language, and culture. Take advantage of the breadth of the data that you can get with these categories to give yourself better chances of making the grade.

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